Mendeley Desktop 1.6

  • Categoría: Science / Education
  • Licencia: Freeware
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  • Sistema: wXP Vista w7
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A meeting point for researchers from around the world.

Mendeley Desktop is the downloadable and free version for the PC of a project developed by Mendeley Ltd from, meant to serve as a meeting point for researchers around the world.

Firstly, with Mendeley Desktop you can import studies, articles and documents several researchers around the world and from all disciplines in the service of the scientific community and all those interested in the latest advances in science and investigation. And secondly, Mendeley Desktop lets you publish and distribute your own files, with your own articles.

But that's not all, Mendeley Desktop is designed to work to organize, find and manage the information on, as comfortably as possible. For example, when storing your items, you can edit keywords or words that help you find it. Mendeley Desktop also lets you annotate the documents, and there's even a plugin that lets you export your files directly from Word to Mendeley.

NOTE: To use Mendeley Desktop, you must first create a free user account on the project website.


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